19 October 2011

Wayback Wednesdays: 1995

This week's Wayback Wednesdays post in for remembering 1995.

Personal Memories

Wow! What a year that was for our family!

In 1995, our youngest son turned one. About two weeks later he, his older brother (age 9), and older sister (age 4.5) got the chicken pox. The oldest boy started it (don't we oldest kids start everything?). The two little ones broke out with the pox soon after. However, the very youngest of the litter was still safely tucked inside mommy waiting for her time to be born.

I was worried sick and wondering what a houseful of chicken pox could do to our unborn baby. She was due mid-June and I had no idea how long they lasted. The doctor told me that, if the other children still had active, itchy, oozing pox when she was born, I would not be able to bring the baby home with me. Thankfully, she was born a week late and they were dried up by then. Disaster averted. :)

This was also the year that my sister-in-law was hit by a car in Florida and killed at age 30. She left behind three children and our entire family was never the same after that.

It was the year that we found out just how faithful some friends were to not just talk it, but to walk it, too. "It" being showing Christ's love for another. They stepped in and took care of the children (ages 9 down to 5 weeks old) and my husband while I went to Florida with my parents to bring home their grandchildren after my sister-in-law's death.


Although I love all types of music, one of my favorites is country music. One of my favorite songs that year by Tim McGraw was "I Like It, I Love It". I also liked Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine". I'm sure there were many others. I love music.

The Local News

The crime case that rocked my world was Susan Smith, the South Carolina woman that strapped her children into their car seats and sent their car into the water, drowning her little boys. This devastated me. How could a mother do such a thing to her own babies? On 22 July 1995, she was found guilty. I had no doubt of her guilt from the beginning. Something about her crying during the initial interviews and pleas for the return of her boys rang fake to me. I told my husband then that she did it. She confessed to the murder of her babies on mine and David's tenth wedding anniversary (1994). She killed them for the affections of a man. Who does such a thing? She got life in prison...life, which her boys no longer had and more life than she deserved after what she did to them. This case, as well as the sentence, still infuriate me!

At the Movies

My favorite movie of 1995 was Braveheart!

Breaking News!

This was also the year that I turned thirty!

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