02 October 2011

Subway Meltdowns

Two weeks ago, I found a lump. It was sore and that caused me to check and there it was, not very big, but still there. I had my husband check; it wasn't my imagination. The "c" word is the first thing that came to my mind. I'm paranoid about the "c" word, because it has touched the lives of so many people, old and young, that I care about. Maybe the tumors they removed last year weren't as benign as thought and had been sneaky and spread to other places.

Then, I thought about the weight lifting that I had started doing again (focus on arms and chest) and I was more calm. It is no longer hurting. I can't even find the lump anymore. I put it out of my mind.

Thousands of women (and men!) are not so lucky. They don't have weight training to turn to as the reason...the "c" word has entered their lives. Across the world, people are getting calls confirming their worst fears...

I lost it in a Subway that my husband and I were in today. This song came on and just grabbed me from the get-go and out came the tears.

Don't wait until she's sick, or he's sick. Show them you're there for them now. Remove all doubt. Don't let there ever be a question of whether you really love them or not. More than words, show it. If you love them, then LOVE them! Love them fully, openly, so that when the unthinkable happens, they'll know you're there out of love, not duty...and love them through it!

NOTE: I found the above pink ribbon, designed by Nicole Guarjado on http://www.carolsutton.net/pinkribbon.html. Please be sure to visit the site. Thanks!

The video above is hosted on YouTube. If the video isn't displaying, please go to this URL: http://youtu.be/WxIt70j_SPk

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