06 October 2011

Spider Snacks

No, this isn't a post about cute Halloween party foods or snacks for the kiddies. This is a post about spiders snacking on humans - specifically humans named Suzanne.

How can a person make themselves less appealing to the bloomin' things? Earlier this summer, I was bitten by what gave every indication of being a brown recluse. The bite opened up into a love crater the size of the Grand Canyon and hurt quite a lot. It took over a month to heal. Now, I have three more that, thankfully, are not open at the moment and I'm praying that they don't.

I used to be nice to spiders, having my husband put them outside rather than flattening them. Then, one bit me. It left a really pretty target on my leg, but that one never caused major tissue/organ damage. It went away peacefully and didn't really even leave a scar. That was years ago in South Carolina.

The spiders here on the Texas Gulf Coast don't play nice. They chomp and leave no doubt that you've been chomped. I don't want to continue being on their all-you-can-eat buffet.

Any suggestions? Consuming large amounts of garlic isn't the answer. I eat enough garlic now to claim Italian heritage and it isn't putting them off for a second.

Spraying the house and car isn't an option due to allergies and lung issues. Plus, I'm exposed to them in various other areas, too, as we don't spend all day at home. We have a business to run that has us in all manner of places.

Please tell me your thoughts on how to end this, the more natural the answer, the better. Thanks!

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