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Praise the Lord! After 6 weeks or so of dealing with medical facilities, we are finally back in our own home. David's foot is looking much, much better. There are still a few hurdles to cross, but he'll make it.

Please bear with us as we get adjusted to being home again and get back in the swing of blogging again.

Thank you for continued prayers!!!

Also, if you'd love to help cheer him up since YouTube has decided he is unworthy of monetization since his isn't a huge channel, please subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch the videos. That would really make his day! He has to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 minutes of watch time within 30 days in order to be able to keep the monetization option.

12 September 2011

Prayer Request

This prayer request is being cross-posted.

While my husband and I were out earlier today, a fire truck went zooming by the Walmart. Considering all the fires that are popping up in this way-too-dry state, it was a bit exciting and not so much in the fun connotation of that word. We got back into the car to see where the fire truck was going.

We looked for plumes of smoke, but so none, thank goodness! But what we did see was pretty bad. There were rescue vehicles all over the place: the fire truck, ambulances (at least two), police cars. You name it, they were there.

We don't know how many vehicles were involved in the accident, but the one that we could see was squashed something awful. I don't know how anyone could have lived through it, but I pray that they did.

Please join me in praying for the people that were in that accident today. Thank you!

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