11 September 2011

Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't!

That is how it seems to be going around here with the fires. The big fires are burning strong and still out of hand, as I understand it. Smaller fires keep popping up around us, the closest one so far being less than 15 miles away. That one was put out quickly.

We saw yesterday on a satellite map called WunderMap Interactive that a fire was going on down at the coast on an island called Quintana about 65 miles away. It is apparently a little place with BIG refineries. Dow Chemical has an operation down there that is huge. This fire troubled me maybe more than the rest as far as location (and all of them trouble me because people are losing homes and lives!) because it could blow us all into eternity. I can just see the fire hopping from one refinery to the next. Not pretty.

Well, that one is apparently out, PTL! It isn't showing up on today's satellite map. However, another couple of fires have started less than 50 miles from here near a town called Sheridan.

May our Heavenly Father guide and protect our firefighters as they fight these blazes and try to protect all of us at great risk to their own lives!

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