23 September 2011

Five Minute Friday: Growing

Five minutes, that's all. Write without stopping. No editing. No self-correcting. Just writing what's on your heart.

This week's prompt is: Growing.

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Growing...it is what I couldn't see myself doing as I was doing it and it wasn't happening fast enough. I wanted to be a grown-up NOW, not years from now. But there was growing to do, both in body and spirit.

Growing up isn't easy and not all of the growing pains are physical. The heart learns a few lessons along the way, like how to say good-bye when you really don't want to. Not all of us get to grow up. Tina didn't. Patty didn't. We were just kids and should have been playing but big things came and they didn't get to grow up like I did.

Sometimes I wonder who got the better deal on that one.

Grow I did and not always in the best way. What I missed growing in height, I didn't miss in width, thanks to babies and peanut butter and diet Coke and Little Debbies that didn't lead to a Little Suz and the tumors and all sorts of growing happened in there.

Now comes the time for other growth, deep heart growth, the growth that comes with watching others grow up and fly from the nest where we both grew together and together grew.

And there's growing old together, him and me...the best is yet to be.


  1. Eloquent and beautiful ... such a sweet heart wrote here today.


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