07 August 2011

Getting Healthy

"Oh, no!" I can hear you say. "Not another one of those posts!"

Last summer, I was well on my way to a healthier me, at least in regards to eating habits. The anemia and tumors still had me, but I was making changes that would improve my health overall. Then, I had the surgery, and all heck broke loose. There were exercise restrictions in place and, by the time I was cleared, I was afraid to try things like sit-ups and anything that involved twisting.

And, I was bad. I started eating meat again, and drinking soft drinks, and eating sweet things, and undoing pretty much everything I had spent last summer fixing. Thankfully, that hasn't come back to bite me on the scale, at least not in a huge way.

David and I are giving it a go again. We've started taking walks in the Wal-mart and are drinking more water. We're doing arm exercises with weights and doing sit-ups. Sometimes we're doing the twist and playing with the hula-hoop.

Now, we just have to get the meat and dairy back out of our mouths and more salad in there instead. We need to discipline ourselves to, once again, take the vegan -or at least vegetarian- path. We were both healthier when we did this.

We'll get there, one step and leaf at a time.

What do YOU need to do to get healthier? What is your favorite way to exercise? Please share!

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