12 August 2011

Five Minute Friday: Beauty

Five minutes of writing, no editing, just fun. Give it a try! Please click the button above to visit The Gypsy Mama and play along.

Beauty. It has many representations. Sometimes beauty is obvious: the laugh of a baby, the smile of a friend, the appeal of a lover. It can be found in nature: the Blue Ridge Parkway, the landscape of Ireland, the snowiness of Alaska, and the back roads back home. It can be found in unlikely places, too: in a nursing home in a wheelchair, in cemetery statuary, even in the smog of the city.

It was even found on a cross two thousand or so years ago where life-giving blood was spilled to give us eternal life. Beauty is in love and love is in beauty. The one sees the other, always.

Now, it is your turn! What does beauty mean to you?

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