25 July 2011

SeaMonkey is the Winner!

After over a week of fighting with the New Post screen of Blogger, in both IE and Firefox, I decided to give SeaMonkey's browser a try. It let me in AND it let me fix the Five Minute Friday button in the last FMF post that I made. YAYAY!

So, although it seems my blogs are best viewed in Firefox, I'll be using SeaMonkey to create the posts. How's that for giving me "just one more thing" to keep up with? haha

Today marked the beginning of Week 4 in my Art Appreciation class. I've survived the last three weeks, but I'm not so sure about this one. I've turned in my top-level discussion question and have to make four responses before Sunday night. Thankfully, I have alternative solutions for posting those four responses. I can do website summaries rather than waiting for classmates to post their top-level discussion responses. I also have a thousand word paper due by the end of this week, one more lecture to view and about sixty pages to read in the textbook.

What am I on here doing instead of my schoolwork? I am procrastinating because my perfectionist tendencies are making me afraid of working on the paper. It is easier to avoid it than to face it, but that will lead to last-minute panicking, which does no good for anybody.

And my head decided that this was THE week to initiate a sinus infection. Good grief!

My discussion question this week was on The Last Judgment by Michelangelo. It is part of the Sistine Chapel artwork and is really a very intriguing piece of work. Check it out at: Last Judgement

This image is loaded with motion and emotion. I think that it is simple and majestic at the same time. What do you think?

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