11 July 2011

Marshall University

My husband and I just finished watching a movie titled "Marshall University - Ashes to Glory".

It was all I could do to not cry most of the way through it. It was a most depressing story about a college football team and family members that were killed in a plane crash on their way home from a game in mid-November 1970. I believe the date was 14 November 1970.

I was five years old at the time of this sad moment in the lives of those people. I have no recollection of the news about it. But the weirdest thing happened while I was watching this movie. They showed a clip of The Newlywed Game...and I recognized those people, the contestants. I recognized that episode. The news of the plane crash was scrolling across the bottom of the screen while the show was on.

I didn't know any of those people, neither the dead nor the left behind, but it was very sad hearing them talk about the events years later and thinking about the parents that lost their children, the children that lost their parents, spouses that lost spouses, siblings that lost their siblings, and friends losing best friends. It is just too much sadness for one moment in time to hold.

Marshall University isn't the only school that this has happened to. Apparently, not long before their accident, it happened to another team from another school and to a military plane as well.

The mother of one of the players told him that the plane was going to crash. It was the first time something like that had ever happened to her, the knowing. They couldn't understand it. I do. Sometimes we just know because Heavenly Father has let us in on these things for some purpose. I can only imagine that His purpose for that mother was to save her son. He wasn't finished with him yet...and He had new purposes for those that He took on to be with Him that we will never know this side of Heaven.

May Our Father bless the families that were left behind way back then and all of the others that have gone through similar tragedies.

May we all be ready when our time comes.

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