22 July 2011

Five Minute Friday: Full

This week's Five Minute Friday prompt is: Full

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Full...that's what I am right now. I'm as full as a tick! We just had tacos. Quick and easy and loaded with lettuce.

"Full" is around this house in many ways. Our shelves are full of books.Our schedule is full of things to do. Our hearts are full as are our stress levels. Overall, it's all good and we somehow manage to fit it all in.

Our minds are full of wondering what the people over there in Washington are going to do. Are they going to actually fix the problem or are they ultimately going to make things worse for us?

The world is full, full of people, full of problems, but also full of beauty if we just take the time to notice. One of the beautiful things I've seen a lot of around here lately is cotton. The fields are full of it, all white and poofy, side-by-side with acres of chopped down, dead corn. How one crop can survive and even thrive while another dies year after drought-ridden year amazes me. But the cotton survives. It seems to make it through most anything. It is full of strength.

I want to be like that cotton. Taking the drought on the chin, fighting through, surviving the bad to get to the good, and becoming a beautiful creation on the other end.

Just like He intended.

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