06 July 2011

Artful Arrogance or Just Plain Ignorance?

I have had an interesting day of work and school. One of the lectures that I listened made me not particularly care for the lecturer’s point of view at all. This, of course, made me not want to listen to the other lectures, but I did anyway. Must be a good girl, right? OY!

He was going on about how The Old Man of the Mountain and beautiful sunsets are not art. He gave examples of paintings of mountains and sunsets, saying that these were art. While I agree that the paintings are indeed beautiful works of art, it is my opinion that a beautiful sunset and The Old Man of the Mountain are indeed art. This lecturer’s idea is that art is only art if it is man-made, that if it is part of the natural world, it is not considered art.

I disagree with this vehemently!

How can the created be considered an artist, but the Creator not? How can the sunset or mountainside painted on the canvas be art, yet the sunset or mountain that it depicts be something less?

It seems rather arrogant to me to think that only humans are capable of creating art.

To me, this is completely illogical and just downright wrong. But, you know what? They have an answer to that, too. Since I don’t agree with their thoughts on this, I am uneducated and I just need to be taught the right way to see to know what ‘art’ is.


Heavenly Father gave me eyes, didn’t He? Along with sight, He also gave me vision, not to just physically see, but to witness the creativity of a true Master Artist.

I challenge anyone to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall, look over the gorge at the amazing display of color, and honestly be able to say that it isn’t art. It is art of the most majestic variety, created by the hands of the Master Himself.

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Note: The images linked above as examples of artwork depicting mountains and sunsets are not the same ones that were given in the lecture.

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