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30 June 2011

Writer's Workshop Thursday: Endless Love

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Describe a memorable first date.

I have only had one 'first date' and I ended up marrying the guy. Our first official date was on my sixteenth birthday. I say first "official date" because I had gone to a church service with him, so I had gone out with him, but not in an exactly romantic venue.

As I said, our first date was on my sixteenth birthday. We went to see the movie "Endless Love", starring Brooke Shields. I only remember one scene of that movie and it makes me shake my head just thinking about the types of movies I was allowed to go see when I was a teenager. Most wouldn't be on the approved list for my kids, that's for sure. In many ways, I'm more conservative than my own parents.

Back to the date...I did what every girl is warned not to do on a first date and that is hint at anything that comes remotely close to commitment. I didn't bother with "remotely". I went straight for the kill. I told this young man the name that I intended to give to my firstborn son. The only part of the name missing was the surname. Many guys, when faced with such a forward-thinking girl, would tuck and run and never be heard from again. I guess I must have either intrigued him or scared him to the point of not being able to leave because we ended up getting married a little more than three years later.

We've been married for almost twenty-seven years now. I think that we chose the perfect movie title for our first date.

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