11 June 2011

There's Nothing to Do!

Today has been one of those "there's nothing to do!" days, or rather, a day when there was nothing that we absolutely had to do at an appointed time. This type of day is a rarity with the type of business that we operate.

I have spent the day reading the second book of Tracie Peterson's Song of Alaska series. It is called Morning's Refrain. So far, it has been one that is hard to put down just as the one before it. I have one more to go in this series and I have no clue when the next one will be released.

David and I have also been watching a series on Netflix called Elizabeth R. It is about Elizabeth the First, Queen of England. I am of Irish heritage, but also have English blood. I have a mighty civil war packaged in this 4'11" body. The series is quite intriguing to me, though sometimes hard to follow. It is hard to figure out, in some cases, who are the bad guys and who are the bad guys.

Though it pains the Irish side of me to say it, at some points I have felt sorry for Elizabeth. Not as a monarch, but as a woman. There were so many rules and policies in place for her alleged safety that she couldn't really live. I don't know how much of this series is based in fact, but it has given me the desire to learn more about Elizabeth as well as her cousin Mary Stuart. In learning more about them, I will also be learning more about my family's place in this world, then and now. It will be an adventure.

On another note, my school books arrived today. I am starting with an art appreciation class. I have opened the box, but haven't brought myself to open the book. I'm still wondering if this was a good idea or not, this going back to school - again. I am not feeling nearly so sure about it as I was when I signed on before I got sick last year. When I signed up to earn the degree in photography, I was excited and nervous, then I got sick and that was all over. This time, I am working toward a degree in business and am just plain nervous. I am also wondering if I will make it through this time around, all the way to the degree, without being redirected by another illness or major change in my life.

Time will tell.


  1. I think you're brave to go back to school. This is something I have wanted to do for a while. I hope it works out for you! Maybe you will get me motivated to start the process!

  2. @Katrina

    That would be cool! What would you like to study in school? I think that, although it is scary, it can also be fun. I hope that you will give it a go. :)

    Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it very much. Have a great night!


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