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Praise the Lord! After 6 weeks or so of dealing with medical facilities, we are finally back in our own home. David's foot is looking much, much better. There are still a few hurdles to cross, but he'll make it.

Please bear with us as we get adjusted to being home again and get back in the swing of blogging again.

Thank you for continued prayers!!!

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14 June 2011

Stone Hearts

Sorry for being away from this blog for so long. I write the poems as they come to me; very rarely do I do "assignment" type poems. This particular one started on a particularly stressful day and I completed it this evening. Feedback is appreciated.

Stone Heart

Sharp nails piercing fragile skin
Revealing pain hidden deep within.
Blood pouring out just like rain
Spilling free as the cotton fields wane.
Dead to life no more to live
Its hardened stone no more to give.
No one sees the scars she hides
Palms kept closed, shielding the heart inside.

©13 June 2011 Suzanne G. McClendon

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  1. Very nice imagery. I like that you know what's going on even though the poem is short. I like you tend to only write when the MOOD strikes, not a big assignment poet. I have a poetry blog here

  2. @Kiana

    Thank you, Kiana. I appreciate the kind comments very much. Thank you so much for sharing your poetry blog with me, too. I think it is great. The poem about your grandma really touched my heart.


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