28 June 2011

Series...of a Different Sort

Different for me, that is. :)

I am not a sports enthusiast. The only thing approaching sports that I've ever liked was figure skating. I liked it because I wanted to be able to do it. It was so graceful, fun, and free. It didn't work out for me to participate in this sport, but it has always been fun to watch those that do.

The Series that has had my attention for the last week is the College World Series. Our team, the Carolina Gamecocks, is in the finals. Tonight is game 2 of the finals. Carolina won last night. If they win tonight, the series is over and USC Gamecocks are the champions for the second year in a row. If Florida wins tonight, it goes into a third game to decide. Whoever wins two, wins the series.

I still don't know diddly about baseball and couldn't hit one if I tried, but I understand more than I did a week ago about why vocabularies are so colorful after some of the calls.


  1. LOL....I love how you said they were Colorful! LOL I don't know squat about baseball!

  2. @Kiana


    Me, neither, but I know this - WE WON! YAYAYAY

    All of the teams did a great job and it was exciting to watch, wondering who would ultimately win.

    Go Carolina!

    Thank you, Kiana, for commenting. I appreciate it. Have a great night. :)


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