25 June 2011

Saturday 9

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1. What has someone done unusual to make you feel their love?

Although it isn't necessarily unusual for a man to open or close a car door for a woman, my husband typically doesn't anymore. He used to do it all the time, but it made me self-conscious, so I asked him not to do it. Anyway, I have been dealing with a health issue for the last couple of weeks that makes leaning over to close the car door painful once I'm seated in the car. He has been good about closing it for me as I heal. Sometimes he forgets, but most of the time he remembers and I feel loved when he does remember.

2. Do you own a smart phone? If yes, is it everything you wanted? If no, how seriously have you considered a purchase of the new smart phone?

No, I do not own one nor do I have any desire for a smart phone. I'm doing good to be able to make a call on the regular ol' dumb phone that I have. Any more gadgetry would just make it even more impossible for me.

3. Have you ever camped out to purchase something?

No, nor do I have any intention of ever doing so. I don't like shopping enough to put up with the whole camping out idea and bathroom access, or lack thereof, is a definite consideration at this stage of my life.

4. What is your worst habit?

Both not trusting and trusting too quickly.

5. What is your best habit?

One of my best habits is not being chronically late for things like appointments or events. I have always been one to be early or on time. I detest lateness. I don't want to keep someone waiting any more than I want to be kept waiting.

6. In your opinion, what is life's greatest mystery?

The greatest mystery to me is knowing, without a doubt, that the one you love loves you.

7. Are you one of those people who is constantly busy with projects, social outings, etc. or do you just like to lay low and stay home?

During the early part of the month, we are really, really busy, but it slows down toward the end of the month. Overall, I would prefer to just stay home and lay low rather than being out in the middle of everything. I do enjoy going out to do the jobs that keep us so busy early in the month, but going out for social situations isn't on my list of things to do anymore.

8. Whether you're busy all the time or like to just chill, have you always been that way?

No. When I was younger, I loved going out, whether it was to visit people or shopping or out to eat, whatever. Although I have always been introverted, I was a little less so in some situations when I was 25 years younger.

9. Is there something you'd like to change about how you spend your time? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

Yes, but it is probably better that I not go into this here.

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