20 June 2011

My Blog is Carbon Neutral

I was visiting blogs this afternoon as part of Never Growing Old's Meet Me on Monday linky. One of the blogs that I visited was The Many Adventures of the Modern Hippie Mama.

While visiting other blogs, I check out their sidebars to see what other cool blogs are out there. While checking our Hippie Mama's sidebar, I came across one for "My Blog is Carbon Neutral". So, I followed the button and found something really cool as well as something that I'd never really thought about.

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Although our blogs are more environmentally friendly than writing regular letters via snail mail (which involves the use of paper and gas and a zillion other things), or going out driving around to visit people, they still have a carbon footprint due to the use of the computers involved with all of the servers out there as well as our own personal home computers.

When you join this initiative, they will plant a tree to reduce the carbon footprint created by your blog. I thought that this was a great idea. I love trees and think that the world needs more of them (just not in my yard :) ).

Please visit the "My Blog is Carbon Neutral" website and join in this worthwhile cause.


  1. As hard as we try to not leave a carbon footprint, we can't help it. The goal then is not to not leave a trail, but to make the trail as hard to find as possible.

  2. @Kelly

    I agree completely. We don't have to do anything huge to make a difference. As I learned from Blessed Arrows, *every* little bit helps. Little steps do make a difference.

    Thanks so much for commenting. :)


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