16 June 2011

Day 30 – A Dream for the Future Beyond the Next Year

I want to ultimately get down to my high school weight of ninety-nine pounds, but truth be told, I would be happy if I could just get back to one-hundred twenty pounds.

I plan to graduate college with a degree that my daddy will be proud of, because he's wanted it for so long. It is important to him because he never finished high school. All of his children graduated high school, but none of us have completed a Bachelors degree yet to my knowledge. Even after all these years of waiting, it is still very important to him. I want to make him happy.

I want to get to a good spot in my life where there's not so much grief-getting or giving. I want to grow old with my husband, not as two strangers in the night, two people just making do, but as one heart, one soul, true love, no more hurting each other, no more feeling like we have to give up ourselves just to make the other happy and still missing the target. I want real, not fake. I want all the hurt to go away and stay away for both of us, with no threat of it returning.

I want my children to grow up happy and strong and to have better lives than their parents have had. I want them to find true love and happiness. I want them to remain faithful to Heavenly Father, and strong against the evil that has tried and will try to lure them away.

I want to some day be a grandma, and to love my grandchildren as much as my grandma and granny loved me. I know that I will love them and I hope they think of me with the same fondness that I think of mine. I hope that I will be able to be with them for as long as mine were with me.

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