11 June 2011

Day 25 – My Day in Great Detail

OK, well maybe not GREAT detail because that would involve remembering everything that I did and that's not happening.

I have read several chapters in Morning's Refrain, the second book in Tracie Peterson's Song of Alaska series. It is a very exciting book, in my opinion, though I wasn't particularly happy with the eighteen year jump between the end of the first book (Dawn's Prelude) and this one. I get attached to the folks in the books that I read and I want to know what happened to the lead characters in the first book during that eighteen years! But I am very much enjoying this series.

David and I are watching a series called Elizabeth R on Netflix. It is about Elizabeth I of England. I love the way her hair is done in this show. There are curls with jewels and beads in the center and it is just very pretty to me. I wish that I could do my hair like that, but I guess that some things are better left in the 1500s.

We have watched a couple of episodes of Quincy, M.E. as well as Matlock and something called Hot in Cleveland. On this last one, all of the main characters are people that we know from other series that we have watched in the past.

We had salad for lunch and hot dogs for supper.

I opened the box of school books that came today, but have yet to be brave enough to open the actual book. This time around, I am more nervous than excited. Things ended badly the last time I attempted school...I got sick and couldn't continue and the tumors were found. I guess I'm wondering what is going to sidetrack me this time around.

And this evening, I have been working on my blog posts for One Thousand Gifts, Random Thoughts by Suzanne, and this one here on P.S. Annie! I will tweet all of them and NaBloPoMo the Random Thoughts post. This is my third month as a part of NaBloPoMo. We are to post at least once a day on our blog for a month. I started in April. So far so good. I am working on a post a day, a month at a time, and hoping to keep this up for the long haul, and eventually hope to meet that goal on all of my blogs (even the oft forgotten Heartstrings by Suzanne).

That is pretty much it for my day today. What about yours? What have you done today and what are your plans for tomorrow?

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