18 June 2011


I am bored. There's nothing really on my mind to write about lately and I am limited in what I can do until this spider bite heals.

The College World Series is playing in the background and watching baseball is about as exciting to me as watching a snail crawl. However, our Alma mater- The University of South Carolina- is in this series for the tenth time. Last year, they won the championship. This year, both USC-Columbia AND Texas A&M are in the series. So, we are a divided household. That's OK. May the best gang win. :)

When I am bored, I try to think of things to research. I have YouTube videos open in another window with tutorials on bead crocheting. In another window, I have a totally cool website devoted to do-it-yourself home makeovers. It is called "In My Own Style". They have some really neat projects, one of my favorite being the no-sew ottoman. I look forward to giving this a try myself, hopefully soon.

I was also noticing the major collection that I have going of prescription bottles and was wondering what to do with them aside from just tossing them. I found pages with interesting ideas for both prescription bottles and film canisters.

I love Internet searches. I almost always find some really cool ideas for things to do. Like my husband says, it gives me ideas. That can be a good thing...but sometimes maybe not. :)

Have a great weekend!

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