31 May 2011

Worth the Effort

This writing prompt came from: Daydreaming on Paper.

"List 10 things which you have found to be worth the effort."

Ten things that have been worth the effort to me are:

1. Morning sickness and labor.
2. Decade-long friendships.
3. Research to find ancestral pictures, graves and information.
4. Reconciling with family.
5. Homeschooling the children.
6. Looking into the chemistry room window in the fall of 1979.
7. Going up the mountain, even though it was only halfway.
8. Learning to drive.
9. Although I wasn't faithful with it and need to get back on it again, the raw food diet was definitely worth the effort.
10. Going to the doctor last year, even though I didn't want to.

What has been worth the effort for you? Please share here, or put a link to your "effort" post down in the comments. I'd love to read about your efforts.

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