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18 May 2011

Day 3: My Favorite Television Show

Monk! I loved watching Monk. He and I were alike in many ways, the main one being the desire for balance.  I desire symmetry. Lopsided just makes me...well...lopsided! However, I am not afraid of milk. I'm just allergic to it. :)

My next favorite television show is Lie to Me.  My husband says that I am a natural and "scary good", to quote Ria from the show. I chalk it all up to Heavenly Father gifting me with discernment and sensitivity. I've come up against some of the best liars in existence.  Heavenly Father shows me what I need to know, whenever I need to know it. It doesn't hurt any less.

Lie to Me is based on the real-life work of Paul Ekman. I think that it is fascinating!

It is hardly worth having a favorite show anymore. Every time I get a favorite, they cancel it. Good grief!

Have a great night!

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