30 May 2011

Day 15 – My Dream House

Sometimes dreams change. I remember always wanting a huge house when I was younger. And I mean HUGE, as in Biltmore House huge. The place has forty-three bathrooms. Forty-three! No more waiting for my turn. That, and the fact that it has three kitchens, would sell me. Add the fact that there are over two-hundred other rooms and you've got a grand game of hide-and-seek. Of course, it probably wouldn't be good to choose me as the seeker because I would get so distracted by all of the pretties and history of the place that I would forget that I was supposed to be seeking.

I was willing to take that on thirty years ago, but over time, my dreams and priorities have changed. I want a more simple life, not a life of grandeur or the kind of "friends" that come with having a house of that size.

Something more like this is what I have in mind these days:

What I'm dreaming about: our own land out in the country, growing our own food, and a little house of our own, large enough to be comfortable, but not so large that we get lost in it. I'm thinking less than a thousand square feet will be just about perfect.

The children are nearly grown and will have lives of their own in just a few years. We don't plan a life of always being at home, so we don't need a house as big as we would need if we did. I don't know that I'm quite ready for the true tiny house idea (less than 500 square feet), but I am ready for a home of our own, no matter the size.

I like the whole homesteading idea, self-reliance, growing our own food, solar energy, building what we need from reclaimed/recycled materials, the whole package.

I know that it isn't necessarily the easiest lifestyle to lead, but I think that it can be done and we can be more comfortable and healthier in the process.

Photo Credit: Jenkins Farmhouse - Dupree, Alabama USA; Rivers A. Langley; SaveRivers
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    1. Now who's creeping through old posts? :)

      What about now? Wouldn't it be great?

      Love you.


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