28 May 2011

Day 13 – A Fictional Book

OK, I'm not entirely sure what I am supposed to do with this prompt, so I will assume that I am to write something about a fiction book that I have enjoyed reading. Easy enough.

The book that I have just completed is titled Dawn's Prelude and it is by Tracie Peterson, from her Song of Alaska series. I usually pick an author and stick with them for the long haul, but decided to give a different author a chance, mostly because the covers are so beautiful and I've always thought that living in Alaska would be an interesting adventure.

It was good for me that I took a chance on a different author! This book had me from the get-go. It was hard to put it down whenever other duties called and, especially toward the end, I was all fidgety until I could get back to the book to see how it was going to end.

I do not know yet how to do reviews without spoiling the story for someone else, but I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading things in historical settings and far-off places, stories of love, and stories of faith and deliverance. This book has all of these things. I am looking forward to the next two in the series- Morning's Refrain and Twilight Serenade.

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