20 April 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ 20 April 2011

I have been looking for journal-type writing prompts for awhile now and last night came across the site called The Simple Woman's Daybook. New entries are posted every Tuesday on the Simple Woman's Daybook site. Please be sure to check out the site and join in the fun. :)

FOR TODAY, 20 April 2011

Outside my window...I can hear the chinking of the cardinals as they locate their family and friends. I think that they are such beautiful birds and I love how they are devoted to family.

I am thinking...that I wish this headache would go away. It keeps threatening to rain, but doesn't, and the pressure is pressing hard against my temples.

I am thankful for...a new day. A year ago, that was an iffy thought for me. I almost ran out of days, but Heavenly Father saw fit to keep me here awhile longer.

From the learning rooms...I stumbled across a website earlier in the week that prompted me to look further into something that I had been wanting to learn. The site is called Design Seeds. Photographs are used to create color palettes and the way they are presented on the Design Seeds site is just beautiful. This is one of my favorites: Floral Cupcakes.

From the kitchen...We've recently made banana bread. It seems that two loaves of banana bread will last forever if only two people are eating it. :)

I am wearing...a green and white floral cotton gown.

I am creating...my own version of color palettes, but am not entirely sure of what the work flow will be to get to the final creation. It will be a fun adventure.

I am going...nowhere to speak of today, but in two opposite directions tomorrow. Contracts have us going up into the county above us and down into the county below us. I'd better have on my driving britches, that's for sure!

I am reading...Dawn's Prelude by Tracie Peterson. I am just getting started on this series, but it looks good so far.

I am hoping...that we can get enough contracts so that we can end one that isn't profitable financially or relationship-wise.

I am hearing...the fan, the birds, the traffic, and the clicking of my keyboard. I also think that I just heard a helicoptor fly overhead.

Around the house...so much needs to be done and will be eventually.

One of my favorite things...creating fractals. Who knew that math could create something beautiful? :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: My plans for the rest of the week are to post at least once on day on my blogs, to safely complete the contract jobs tomorrow, to read some more in Dawn's Prelude, and to photograph more flowers.

Here is the picture for thought I am sharing...

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