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30 April 2011


I have been focusing a lot lately on various photographic challenges. They are loads of fun and the more I do, the more I learn. One thing that I'm learning recently is that my camera equipment hates me. One dropped lens, one dead auto-focus, and now a fickle shutter...maybe I'm just not meant to be so focused on photography. Maybe.

So, I need to change a few things. For starters, I need to change the idea that my pictures are worthless if they are done on a point-and-shoot. As a matter of fact, the only photography sales that I've made in the last two years were photos taken with a point-and-shoot. That has to mean something, right? What it means, I don't know, other than, if I'm going to take pictures, it will have to be with the point-and-shoot until some indefinite time in the future.

I have a few photographs ready for a few of the challenges, but not everything that I need for all of them. I'll post what I have on the proper days and not worry about the rest.

The camera equipment isn't my only photographic challenge. My eyes are not focusing properly, with or without my glasses. There has been a definite change in my vision over this last year of health challenges. One fear that I have is going blind. While blindness would not affect my ability to write, it most definitely would affect the way I went about creating imagery. It can be done. I've seen amazing work created by the visually impaired. The Blind Artist's Society

I will try to find more challenges that focus on writing, which is something that I want to develop more anyway. I have always loved writing and the ability to do it creatively was one of the things taken from me after a severe anaphylactic experience. Sometimes I think that my brain will not recover from that episode, but I do have my moments.

May starts tomorrow, a month of "MAYbe".

...Maybe I will further develop my digital art.
...Maybe I will learn how to create blog templates from scratch.
...Maybe my husband will be able to end a less-than-pleasant business connection.
...Maybe I will be able to post at least one post a day on all of my blogs.
...Maybe I will learn to relax, no matter how much I am being pushed otherwise.

What are YOUR "MAYbes"? Feel free to post a link to your blog here in the comment section or via the linky and share your MAYbes, too!

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  1. Maybe I'll end the month a 100% nonsmoker.
    Maybe I'll start exercising.
    Maybe I'll get my room organized.
    Maybe I'll take a risk.
    Maybe I'll feel like I'm a blooming flower.

  2. @Miel et Lait

    That's a very nice list, Miel. Thanks for sharing it here. :)

    I will pray for you especially regarding becoming a 100% nonsmoker.

    You can do it!


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