15 April 2011

Five Minute Friday: On Distance

Five Minute Friday is a writing adventure that I learned about on Gypsy Mama’s website. We are to write for 5 minutes, without editing, without worrying, just writing. This week’s theme is: On Distance.

Sometimes distance is a good thing, sometimes it is necessary, but sometimes it is utterly heartbreaking.

My family left Ireland well over 200 years ago, landing some in Virginia and still others in Charleston, South Carolina. Eventually, they made their way to the upstate region of South Carolina, leaving loved ones behind as they worked to acheive their dreams.

Fast forward to 2004. My husband, myself, and our children were threatened and we had no choice but to leave the only place that I had ever known as home. Now, we are over a thousand miles away on the Texas Gulf Coast.

I never felt the distance so great as I did when my sister told me that my granny was sick and they were not expecting her to live. I was not able to be there for my granny to let her know how much I loved her nor was I able to attend her funeral. I was only able to send her a letter to express my love for her. Not being there to bury a grandparent was a totally foreign concept to me. In addition to the grief, I was feeling intense anger at the root cause of us having to leave South Carolina in the first place.

Then, my daddy got sick and I nearly lost my mind. That one thousand miles felt more like a million. Realizing that I will not be able to be there for my parents either is almost more than I can stand.

Love bridges the distance...


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  1. Sometimes the ache that comes from distance is almost too much. I'm sure it has got to be so hard for you to be so far from your family.

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts today.

  2. Oh! How hard. My grandfather suddenly took ill and was gone before I could get back from half way around the world. I can relate. It doesn't matter if you're half way around the country or the world, distance during distress is difficult.

  3. Jamie, yes, it is very hard. I never thought that leaving home would be so hard and I certainly never imagined the circumstances that would cause our exodus.

    Sheryl, that is so true...the number of miles, many or few, it is still difficult to be away.

    Thank you both so much for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. "but sometimes it is utterly heartbreaking. " Yes! This was beautiful, thank you for sharing with us your heart. Your story.

  5. Thank you, Heather, for your kind comment and for visiting my blog. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. :)

  6. I love Gypsy Mama! Great work done in 5 minutes! Maybe next friday, I'll play along! Have a great rest of the weekend!

  7. Thank you, Miel! I think she's pretty cool, too. I look forward to you participating in Five Minute Friday. That will be great. :)


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