08 April 2011

Five Minute Friday: If You Met Me

Five Minute Friday is a writing adventure that I learned about on Gypsy Mama’s website. We are to write for 5 minutes, without editing, without worrying, just writing. This week’s theme is: If You Met Me.


If you were to meet me right now, you would find a frazzled, worried sick mama who does not like the constant lessons in letting go. Sending a healthy boy off to the US Navy was hard enough, but sending an unhealthy little lady out into a big city over a hundred miles away for four days is doing me in.

I know that I cannot hold them forever, no matter how much I want to in this mama heart. One day, they will leave and have families and careers of their own. They will not need me so much, but I will always need them. My plan was to have babies, be a mama, and never retire from that job.

I know that I will always be their mama, but I am not ready for them to be away, out on their own, where I cannot protect them. It really should be put into that new bride manual, so that we know it going into it, that we will be forced to let our babies go someday so that we can go ahead and start preparing for it rather than being silly and thinking that the little days last forever.


Ok, it’s your turn now!

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  1. How often when we are in the trenches of motherhood we desire a break but how I dread the time when they have to leave.

  2. It is a hard thing to face indeed. Can it have been so long ago, really, that they were in diapers and needed me every moment?

    Enjoy every minute of it, for it goes by all too quickly.

    Thank you for stopping by, Jennifer, and for commenting. I appreciate it very much!

  3. I worry about this already and my daughter's only nine months old!! I'm just now realizing that I might feel like this forever. Not that I thought I'd "retire" from motherhood exactly, but it seems I'll never stop worrying about her.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday :)

  4. You're right,Ixy, you won't ever stop worrying about her. It is just getting started for you. What a blessed time in your life, yet there's so much to watch for when they are so young and their need of you is so great. The worry or concern never really ends. Some folks think once our children are grown, that it will be easier. I disagree...it gets even harder, in my opinion.

    But, this is where we have to let go and turn them over to our Heavenly Father. All we can do is pray that they will be safe and do what they know is right when we're no longer able to be the guardian of their lives.

    Like my best friend always says, "motherhood isn't for wimps". She's got that right! It is one tough career. :)


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