29 March 2011

Project Life Tuesday

I have found a wonderful new photography project to participate in. It is called Project Life Tuesday. We are to take a photograph a day, every day, and make a journal entry to go with the photograph. What a fun way to chronicle the days of our lives. :)

I just learned of this today, so today is where I'll start. Of the photographs that I took today, I will share three.

The first is our cat, Jaye. She is a loving kitty, but does not have an appreciation of the camera. She generally walks away when I try to take her picture, which she did shortly after I snapped this one. I wish that I had gotten her ears completely in the frame, but I was doing good just to get her face.

The second one is one of the first sets of leaves
on the mimosa in our front yard. I can't wait to see the flowers!

This last photo is of an oxalis flower. I am told that it is the flower of the shamrock. I love the fact that our yard is full of these during the spring. Along with the shamrocks, they give the yard a great burst of color and a gentle nod to my Irish heritage.

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