11 March 2011

Five Minute Friday: I Feel the Most Loved When...

Thanks for the fun, GypsyMama!

For this challenge, we are to write for 5 minutes, without editing, on the topic of the week: "I feel the most loved when...". So, here's my five minutes!

I feel the most loved when my husband's eyes sparkle and he grins that special grin. It makes my heart race. He still makes me tingle, even after all of the rotten things we've done to each other along the way. He does all manner of special things for me. He helped me into and out of our van after my surgery, and for months afterward. Now that I am driving a car instead of the van, he still assists me. He writes me letters while he is away in the mornings. He texts me throughout the day and shares interesting things that have happened where he happens to be at the moment. He knows that I love word search books and so he gets them for me; I don't even have to ask.

Outside of my husband, I feel the most loved when my children are laughing and when they hug me. I guess maybe it is weird for their laughter to make me feel loved, even when what they're laughing about has nothing to do with me, but it does.

Boy, that one was harder than the last one! haha


  1. Beautiful post thanks for sharing.

  2. So nice to read about the sweetness of your husband.

  3. Thank you, Rebecca and Jenny, for the kind comments and for stopping by to see my blog. I hope you both have a wonderful afternoon. :)


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