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15 March 2011

Day Thirty-Five: Old Dogs and Cars

Years ago, my husband compared me to a German Shepherd puppy. Now, it isn’t as awful as it sounds at first reading, I promise. I used to *love* to go for long car rides much like those beautiful dogs. It was fun, zipping down those long country roads. Back home, we had hills and I loved the rush that I got from them.

Coming back home from the airport tonight, I had the same feeling, even though there’s not a hill for several hundred miles. I could picture myself in an old rag-top convertible, wind whipping my hair, Elvis cranked up on the radio, going way faster than I ever should be going, without a care in this world. It felt wonderful! I had my husband and three youngest children with me and it was perfect.

I get the same feeling when I am able to be thankful for something even when the world seems to be falling apart around me.

I saw something on a church sign as we came back through the airport town that hit me with a happy-tude: “While He was on the cross, I was on His mind.” *I* was on HIS mind. How wonderful is that? He did it for me and I am His and that makes all the bad be good again. He has it all under control.

35. I am thankful for little red cars, long stretches of highway, "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", his hand on my knee, and His hand guiding my life. I am thankful for cool, not-quite-spring, Southeast Texas nights, hazy, first morning light, the laughter of children, and “Hello, Darlin’”. I am thankful for Indian Paintbrushes that are here already, heralding the soon-arrival of the prized bluebonnets and months of color on the sides of those long, flat roads.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

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