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Praise the Lord! After 6 weeks or so of dealing with medical facilities, we are finally back in our own home. David's foot is looking much, much better. There are still a few hurdles to cross, but he'll make it.

Please bear with us as we get adjusted to being home again and get back in the swing of blogging again.

Thank you for continued prayers!!!

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19 February 2011

Breaking Words

I saw a Twitter post last night that really stood out to me. I can't remember the exact wording of it, but the main idea was that you can't break someone if you mean nothing to them.

I think it is true.

If you mean nothing to them, your opinion of them isn't generally going to phase them. If you mean the world to them, then just one harsh, ill-chosen word can totally devastate them. Choose the 'right' wrong word, and they may never recover.

Think about it. What are your words really saying to those in your life?

The Emotionally Abused Woman : Overcoming Destructive Patterns and Reclaiming Yourself

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  1. I like the permission you give your self to be all inclusive in what you might wind up posting...and your template is interesting.

  2. Thank you, Jeannette, for both your comment and visiting my blog. I hope that you have a great weekend, what's left of it. :)


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